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On 06/01/2016 The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) adopted a new rule which has become a NYC safety law: 3 RCNY 505-01 related to a requirement for Apartment and Guest Room Identification and Directional Markings and Signs. All apartment buildings in New York City must comply with the marking and sign requirements by March 30, 2018 except that buildings and occupancies with multi-floor dwellings (duplex, triplex) units must install markings by March 30, 2017.This new law, 3 RCNY 505-01 has set specific standards and requirements for the design and placement of entrance door room number markings for dwelling units (for all apartments, guest rooms and sleeping rooms) in Occupancy Groups R-1 and Group R-2 buildings as well as installing building lobby and hallway corridor directional signs. These mandatory apartment identification signs are required to assist emergency response personnel in locating apartments when responding to fires, medical emergencies and other emergencies.

The law requires that building owners mark apartment entrance doors with emergency markings that serve to assist firefighters, first responders and building occupants to identify apartment numbers in smoke conditions that obscure the regular (eye-level) apartment door numbers signs. These required low mounted apartment door signs ensure that firefighters can more quickly conduct search and rescue operations.This law must be followed by all buildings in New York City classified as Occupancy Group R-1 and R-2 type buildings.

R-l Residential occupancies containing sleeping units where the occupants are primarily transient in nature, including:

Boarding houses (transient)
Hotels (transient)
Motels (transient)

R-2 Residential occupancies containing sleeping units or more than two dwelling units where the occupants are primarily permanent in nature, including:

Apartment houses
Boarding houses (non-transient)
Fraternities and sororities
Hotels (non-transient)
Live / work units
Motels (non-transient)
Vacation timeshare properties

MMK Custom, Inc. offers the precise signs needed to comply with rules under 3RCNY 505-01 “Apartment and Guest Room Identification and Directional Markings and Signs,” and 3 RCNY 505-02, “Apartment, Guest Room and Stairwell Fire Emergency Markings”. The correct signs required must be placed in very specific locations and made in specific sizes to comply with the local law requirements. Please note that we will apply volume discounts for apartment buildings seeking to comply with the local law requirements. Please call 212-279-6000 to request a quotation for your building.

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