Custom Interior & Exterior Signage And Sign Fabrication In NY


Custom Exterior Signs and Building Signs New York City, NYC

Visibility and durability are the most important factors when creating an Exterior or Building sign.  At MMK Custom, Inc. we strive not only to create an attractive sign, but a sign that is built to last. Small or large every project is assigned a project manager to help assist you thru the process.

Common Types of Exterior Signage and Building Signs:
Light Boxes, Pylon, 3D face lit and backlit Letters, Post and Panel signs, outdoor signage, building signage, digital graphics and much more…

Important Notes for Exterior Signage and Building Signs in New York City :

  • Most Exterior Signs require a sign permit. If you need help we can assist with this process. (speak to a rep for more details).
  • If a Sign is being installed into the ground typically locates are typically required to avoid any damage to utility lines under the ground. The city offer a free locate service, however if you would like to expedite this process we have locate companies that we work directly with.
  • Landlord Approval is typically required for all exterior signs, as most landlords are particular about the type of sign being installed, and have different requirements.  Check with them before ordering any Exterior Signage or Building Signs.

MMK Custom, Inc works with a large team of skilled and dedicated craftsman to achieve custom concepts. Present your idea to us, and we will simply make it a  reality  with suggestions and guidance. We look forward to working with you on your next custom signage projects.

Reception Signs New York – Corporate Lobby Signage & Office Signs in NYC

Custom office signs are typically the most exciting purchase for most business owners. Rest assure we will help you in the process of creating a visually attractive reception sign. With hundreds of Reception signs fabricated and installed in offices, we like to present our clients with suggestions and options to make it a simple and easy experience.

Most Common Reception Signs:

  • 3D Metal Letters and Logos
  • 3D Acrylic Letters and Logos
  • Letters and Logos mounted to a background: Metal, Glass, Acrylic with polished edges.

Please call in for further details and options for ordering Reception Signs.

Logo Signs & 3D Letter Signage

MMK Custom, Inc is well known in the signage industry for manufacturing, almost any type of custom signage letters and Logos. Using the latest equipment for precision cutting and fabrication we also pride ourselves on the Finishing quality leaving a lasting impression for your business or Organization.

Materials that are commonly used for the Fabrication of our Letters signs and Logos signs:

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Channel Letters, Brass, Bonze, Copper, Titanium, Acrylic, Wood, PVC, Metal Laminates.  Please call us if you do not see a material that you would like to use. As we have just listed the most common materials.

The above letters can also be made to be face lit or back lit using LED lights if you would like to add lighting to your letter or Logo signage.

Common Mounting:

  • Pin Mount for letters that are typically 1/4″ or Thicker (Also add Silicon Glue if required)
  • 3M VHB Double Face tape mount for letter that are Thinner. (Also add Silicon glue if required)

Signage Installation:

  • We create a full size paper template for mounting letters and logo to match registration of art files.

Plaques New York, NYC

At MMK Custom, Inc we are proud to offer a large variety of plaques. Note that we can create custom sizes, shapes, and finishes with certain types of plaques whether it be for an office plaque, a wall plaque or award plaque.

Common types of custom plaques include:

Metal Plaques:

Aluminum Plaques, Brass Plaques, Bronze Plaques, Stainless Steel Plaques. With all our metal plaques we Acid Etch text and logos to make it long lasting and durable.

  • We can provide custom treatment to the edges of the plaques if required. Such as various types of Bevelled edges.
  • In-fill several colors (pending the art-work).
  • Apply a clear coat on all materials except stainless steel as this material does not require coating due to the nature of the material.
  • Finishing: Large variety of finishes are available.
    Satin , Mirror Polish, Orbital, Oxidation and various patina finishes.

Engraved Plaques :
Diamond Engraving and Laser Engraving. This process is typically used on thinner Metals and Acrylics. Most these materials are metal laminates and standard finish acrylics. These are popular for award plaques.

Glass Plaques:
Have your logo and text sandblasted onto Glass plaques:
We work with a large variety of glass materials which are tempered and non-tempered. Typically seen for Wall plaques or office plaques.

Marble and Granite Plaques:
Typically sandblasted text and logo, popular for the office.

Casted Plaques:
Typical Memorial plaque.
In order to create this type of plaque a custom mold is created.

Digital Plaques:
This type of plaque is used in-doors and is a print laminated to the face of the plaque or mounted 2nd surface is plaque is made of acrylic.

Vinyl Graphics – Custom Vinyl Graphics

One of the most popular types of signs are vinyl graphics which are typically used on:

Windows, Conference rooms, Construction Hoardings and various types of signs.

Vinyl decals & wraps are commonly used for:

  • Listing Hours of Operation or Company name on a glass door / window.
  • Digital Dye Cut Window Graphics
  • Privacy Film in most offices. Typically Frosted vinyl. This item can be offered in various patterns.
  • Wall Covering
  • Vehicle Wraps. Car/ Truck Wraps.
  • Store front Wrap
  • Various type of signs
  • Banners
  • Digital Photographics Images for Illuminated prints and Non-Illuminated prints.
  • Digitally Wrap products
  • For Sale Signs
  • Graphic Lamination
  • Lastest printing equipment to print white ink.
  • Lamination for outdoor prints. With various lamination finishes such as Glossy or matte finish.

Custom Interior Signs New York, NY

First Impressions count!

MMK Custom, Inc is known for not just creating a sign. But a WOW factor when our signs are seen. Office signs represent the brand and image of your business. We offer numerous techniques in how to manufacture your sign with years of experience.

If you can Envision a concept it is very likely we can fabricate it!

From Concept to Installation we will help you step by step in creating a perfect sign for your business. On approval of your order we will create proofs for your review prior to fabrication of any signage concept.

Information that will Help you get started with interior signage New York City:

  • How wide would you like your logo to spread from Left to Right?
    (Important to leave an equal amount of space on the left and right of your signage to make it look centered).
  • Type of Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze , Copper, Titanium, Acrylic, Wood, Laminates
  • Thickness: Indoor typically 1/8″ – 3/4″ OR Exterior Signs range from 1/4″ – 3.5″ Deep on Average.
  • Type of Wall: Drywall , Brick, Other..

This information helps in preparing the right sign installation concept.

Should you have any further detailed concepts or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Sign Installation New York

A very important part to making a sign is having it Installed correctly. Signage installation is  a specialty in itself. MMK Custom, Inc has the experience in installing various types of signs.

Signage Installation Services:

  • Sign Service (Exterior signs)
  • Signage Repair
  • Installation of signage letters
  • Installation of Plaques
  • Pylon Sign Installation
  • Post & Panel Sign Installation
  • Signs with Stainless Steel decorative Hardware
  • Glass Signs
  • Acrylic Signs
  • Window Visual Installation and De-Installation
  • Suspended Signs
  • Vinyl Graphic Applications
  • Custom Signs

Installation Equipment used:

  • Bucket Trucks
  • Crane Trucks
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Augers for Drilling Holes (Exterior Signs)

Please call in for more information on services provided.


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